Ellie honoured with a British Citizen Youth Award!

11 November 2019

Unity Academy's very own Ellie Toth, who works to help youngsters overcome difficulties has been honoured with a British Citizen Youth Award at the Palace of Westminster by Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt.

Ellie Toth was said to have been “fundamental in supporting the Blackpool HeadStart Resilience Revolution” – a whole town approach to make Blackpool a better place to live, grow up and thrive in.

She has volunteered across many initiatives in the project. She sits on the Young People’s Executive Group, a committee of young people that have the final say on what projects are delivered and how.

She is instrumental in the digital team to support young people sharing stories via the Resilience Revolution, on YouTube and was also on the committee to fundraise and arrange for a Resilience Pathway to be built in Talbot Road to remind young people and families what steps they can do to improve their well-being.

Ellie conducted a small research project to identify activities that young people in the town like to do.

This research was then used to help adults caring for young people and adult volunteers, to build better relationships with young people, by planning activities that they can do together and enjoy.

We're all very proud of Ellie and her recent achievements!

In Unity we succeed.