STEM Challenge Final for Unity Engineers!

29 March 2019

Unity Academy Engineers finish 9th overall in the final of the B&FC STEM Challenge!

The annual B&FC STEM Challenge this year was to make a working hydraulic crane to lift rice from one bucket to another. The Team with the most rice transferred in 2 minutes were to win the competition's grand prize - worth £10,000!

Each of the 18 schools/academies had only 4 hours to design and build the rice-lifting crane, before entering them into the final challenge.

Students had paper, card, plywood, paper fasteners, glue guns, metal bolts and wire, syringes and tubing to build their design.

In order to Manoeuvre the rice efficiently, team Unity had to work incredibly hard together to make the hydraulics of their crane work.

Our team successfully designed and built a working structure, working very well as a team collecting a substantial about of rice. However, the superior building strength of other team's cranes meant that they could lift more rice and consequently got more in their bucket in the time allocated.

Mrs Bilton, Science Teacher said: "Our students were brilliant. What a fantastic achievement to finish in the top 10!"