Phase 4

Phase 4 consists of Years 8 and 9. We currently 4 form groups in Year 8 and 4 form groups in Year 9. 

In Year 8 and 9 pupils study the core subjects of English, Maths and Science alongside a varied curriculum including History, Geography, Personal Development, Religious Education, Physical Education, Music, Design Technology, Computer Science and Art. Pupils are set into groups, according to their ability, so that lessons are matched to the needs of each individual pupil.

Pupils with a Special Educational Need are supported through our SEN department. We also have Mathematics and English Intervention Teachers within the Phase with a responsibility for one to one or small group intervention to ensure that every child has the best possible chance of reaching their target level.

Each pupil in Year 8 and 9 will have been assigned a progress tutor who is responsible for their general well-being within school. Form time occurs at the end of each school day and allows pupils the opportunity to meet with their progress tutor and discuss any issues. There is also a range of activities that occur during form time including:  train your brain maths challenges, literacy, silent reading and current affairs quizzes. We also hold a formal assembly once a week to celebrate our achievements or to discuss important topical issues. Pupils are encouraged to be actively involved in assemblies by presenting an assembly, in form groups, each term to the rest of their phase.

Pupils are actively encouraged to become independent learners and take responsibility for their time at Unity Academy by taking part in as many of the number of extra-curricular activities that we run. Pupils are also set homework in each subject on a regular basis to develop skills such as organisation, time management and research as well as to supplement the learning that takes place in school.

We also strongly encourage parents to be part of their child’s learning journey and support their child during their time at Unity Academy. We do this by holding parents evenings and sending out termly reports.

During the Spring term in Year 8, pupils are required to choose their option subjects, ready to start the GCSE courses in Year 9. Pupils are guided through this process in several ways. This includes: information assemblies, options evening, form activities and a careers interview. Allowing pupils to make this very important decision in Year 8 focuses them to think about possible careers paths and also gives them 3 years to complete courses that were historically crammed into two years, giving pupils more time to develop the skills needed to be successful in Phase 5

The current Option Blocks for Year 9 can be viewed by clicking the box below: